Friday, August 7, 2009

Harry Reid Has Competition

Harry Reid now has a Republican opponent for the 2010 senatorial race, depending on the primaries, of course. Danny Tarkanian announced his candidacy today. It's been obvious for some time to the entire country that Harry is no longer interested in representing the American people and that his number one goal is to do President Obama's bidding, which is weird since Harry doesn't answer to the president. Danny Tarkanian is still new to us so we need to study his beliefs and get to know his views, but, quite frankly, a farm animal would be a better representative than Harry Reid so, for right now, we're behind Danny -- we reserve the right to change our minds if a better candidate comes along.

Regardless of who we vote for in Nevada to represent us in the next election, let's just make sure that we choose the person who will actually represent us and not vote away more of our freedoms. And that person isn't Harry Reid.

To register for Danny's emails and read more about his views, go to his website here:

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