Monday, December 14, 2009

Narcissist In Chief

Obama appeared on a Christmas special with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday (we didn't watch it, because we value our TV's and can't trust ourselves not to throw objects at said TV's if Obama's face is on them). However, reading about the interview this morning, we found out that during the special he gave himself "a good solid B+" grade for his first year in office. He claimed progress on economic and international fronts. He also said the only thing that stands in the way of giving himself a better grade is the fact that some elements of his agenda--health care reform and putting more Americans to work--remain undone.

Really? As usual, Obama is totally out of touch with reality, but that's not unusual for a narcissist. Below are the results of just one online poll we saw this morning taken from just regular folks in the United States.

What grade would you give the President?

F 41%

D range 29%

B range 11%

C range 11%

A range 8%

Total votes - 106,487 as of 9:31 PST

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