Sunday, May 24, 2015

We're On The Road Again

Days 1 & 2

We're on our way to North Carolina for Sandy's granddaughter's high school graduation.  Today was an eight-hour day of traveling from Northern Utah to Billings, Montana. We didn't stop to see any sights, but the scenery on the drive was beautiful.  Below are some pictures from today's travels.

Our hotel last night was walking distance (yes, even for us) from the Ogden LDS Temple. 
We love to see the temple, we're going there someday...

Some of the beautiful scenery in Northern Utah:

Edie is the travel agent and Sandy is the driver. Edie was going to try to get a picture of all of the "Welcome To..." signs.  She did get a picture of the Idaho sign (see below), but the Montana one snuck up on us, so she missed that one. We have no idea who the people are in this pic.

Rexburg, Idaho Temple

We traveled in quite a bit of rain today - some heavy, some light. For most of the day, the sky looked like this:

And now we're in our hotel room in Billings, Montana. Tomorrow is another day of traveling, but maybe we'll post some more pictures. I'm sure folks are waiting anxiously to see them.

Until then...


The Gypsy Travelers said...

I love it that you are doing a blog...can't wait for more adventures!!!

The Gypsy Travelers said...

Hey Sandy and's me, Linda B. Don't know why it signed me the gypsy travelers...but here I am.