Monday, June 1, 2015

Days 8 & 9

We love learning about United States history, so one of the things we enjoy doing while taking a road trip is visiting the libraries/museums of the Presidents of the United States. On Saturday we went through the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Below are pictures from our visit.

Statue of President Ford

Brief history about President Ford's upbringing

The dress Betty Ford wore to Gerald Ford's inauguration.

The above 3 pictures are of Gerald Ford's oval office.
This is part of the White House switchboard during Gerald Ford's presidency.

This gun was used in an assassination attempt on Gerald Ford's life. The letter was written to President Ford by the woman who tried to kill him.

Gerald Ford's cabinet room.

The Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

President and Mrs. Ford are buried right next to the library. 

We are now in Indianapolis, Indiana. We'll share more about our day in Indianapolis in our next post.

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