Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dancing, Debates, and Dipsticks - Oh My!

Dancing With The Stars

Because of Misty May Treanor's injury, none of the couples was eliminated last night. The couple who received the lowest overall score after combining the judges' and the public's votes, however, was Rocco and Karina. We don't get it. We've said this before, but we have to say it again. Bless Cloris' heart, she's 82 years old and is participating on Dancing With The Stars; however, she needs to go. She must have a much larger fan base than we would have ever imagined. There are a few stars this season who are good dancers, but there isn't the quality of dancing in this season as there has been in the past seasons.


The debate between Obama and McCain last night was difficult to watch. Obama is an arrogant, cocky liar. The political pundits are stating that the debate was a tie or that Obama or McCain won by a small margin, depending on which article you read. The pundits have also stated that McCain needed a slam dunk last night, which he didn't get. We hope that McCain pulls this election out. If he doesn't, the United States of America is in trouble. A saving grace would be if the democrats lose control of the Senate and the House. The republicans then, if they grow some spines, will be able to somewhat thwart Obama's radical, socialist agenda.

Part of what is troubling about Obama is his radical associates, one of whom is Bill Ayers. Below is an excellent article regarding Ayers, his philosophy, and his past deeds.

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