Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scratching Our Heads

Dancing With The Stars

Who is voting for Cloris Leachman? Kim Kardashian was voted off of Dancing With the Stars last night. We stated yesterday that Kim was in the bottom three so we aren't surprised that she didn't get many votes. What surprises us is that someone is actually voting for Cloris. We give her all sorts of kudos for the effort, but it's still a dance contest.

Things we don't understand

Who is voting for Cloris Leachman on Dancing With the Stars?

Why would anyone vote for Barack Obama and his socialist agenda? What happened to valuing freedom of choice?

Why isn't Barney Frank in jail?

Why aren't the republicans demanding that Barney Frank step down?

Why isn't Congress leading the charge for investigations to find out who is responsible for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiascos?

Why does Congress think they have the right to bail out Wall Street?

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