Monday, July 13, 2009

We Love A Parade

We just returned from a restful and relaxing week and a half at our home in Southern Utah. One of the highlights was the small-town parade. All of the parade pictures were taken from our front porch.

Parade Royalty

Little ones riding little wheels

Not so little ones with bigger wheels
Obligatory horse picture

Let's not forget what the Fourth of July is all about

Watching the parade was seven minutes well spent.

While we were gone, Ines, Sandy's daughter-in-law, sent us a picture of Jonas at the Montessori preschool where Ines teaches and where Jonas will be attending this fall. He was sweeping the floor but stopped to wave at us.
What a cutie!

We quilted and crocheted...
Baby afghan made by Edie

Baby rag quilt made by Sandy

We also worked in the yard, planned our cross-country travels for next summer, and shopped and went to lunch in a town a little farther north that actually has stores and restaurants. We hated to leave, but we're back nonetheless--heavy sigh.

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Paul and Ines said...

wonder if we knew any paraders...??? Jonas is so independent in the classroom.