Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family and Friends

We mentioned in a previous post that Sandy's granddaughter, Savannah, is in town for three weeks. Sandy likes to be an equal opportunity grandmother, so since we posted pictures of Isaiah and Kobe on Tuesday, today we are posting pictures of her other two grandchildren, Savannah and Jonas. Isaiah, Kobe, and Jonas are the sons of Paul and Ines (Sandy's son and daughter-in-law); and Savannah is Bill and Karen's daughter and step-daughter (Bill is Sandy's son).
The first picture is of Savannah and Jonas at the District in Green Valley. Savannah is smiling for the camera, but we don't think Jonas really gave a hoot about being photogenic.

The next picture is of Jonas at the Claim Jumper. He wants to know where his food is and why it's taking so long.

And then there's Savannah again, smiling pretty and anxious for lunch.

Lunch is our favorite hobby--unless there's dinner...or breakfast, and then it's a three-way tie. Oh wait--then there's snacks. Snacks are our friends.

Sandy also enjoyed dinner with her dear friend, Vicki, of whom we have no picture. However, we do have a picture of one of the birthday cards that Vicki gave to Sandy (they go to dinner every year to celebrate their birthdays). Click on the card for a bigger view.
On the inside of the card it says something about memory loss--we forget what exactly.


mrsmilo said...

Love the pictures of your grandchilden. Savannah is beautiful and looks like Bill! He could not deny her.

And, I cracked up when I saw your birthday card posted. You are too much!


BertnBurb said...

Miss Savannah is gone and I am totally missing her! Thanx for sharing these pictures you had of her.