Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In the Beginning...

Everyone has to experience some firsts in life: first birthday, first tooth, first heartbreak, and, well, you get the idea. Some firsts are fun and eagerly anticipated, such as the first time you get to drive a car, or the first dance you attend as a teenager. Other firsts are scary, like your first time speaking in public, your first day at a job, or your first recital or competition.

All firsts are a step to something new, something that will give wisdom or confidence with having gone through the experience. Most people would prefer not going through the scary or painful firsts, but avoiding them would deny each of us the personal growth and fulfillment that the experience brings.

This week many people, from preschool to college, are experiencing their first days of school. For some it really is a first as they start preschool or kindergarten for the first time ever, not having attended school before. For most, it’s not the first overall day of school, it’s just a first for that grade in school.

Today Sandy’s grandsons, Isaiah and Kobe, started their first day in a different school. There was excitement and there was trepidation. Isaiah was eager to start on this new adventure; Kobe not so much. This afternoon Sandy asked Kobe about his first day in the new school. He told her that it didn't go very well. Evidently at 11:15 this morning, he told his teacher that he wanted to go home, and she told him he couldn't. We're confident that once Kobe gets acclimated and makes new friends, he'll be just fine. Sometimes it's the first step or the first day that's difficult; but once that hurdle is crossed, the scary situation becomes more user friendly. Thus begins the first steps of a first and second grader to the eventual independence of responsible young men.

It also continues the steps that mom and dad have to take to letting their children become independent, responsible young men.

Both journeys are difficult, each step bringing joy and heartbreak for everyone involved, eventually leading to the big step of taking the first step to each starting down new paths.

But for now, we'll enjoy this time with the boys, watching and sharing each of their first steps, and growing as they grow.

(Pictures are of Isaiah and Kobe, standing in front of their new school; Kobe on the playground doing okay; Kobe having an unsure moment about his new school; and Isaiah waiting impatiently for class to begin.)

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