Thursday, August 7, 2008

Light-Hearted Fare

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." ~ Mark Twain

Trish Perry has written a very entertaining series of Christian romance books that we are recommending. They are laugh-out-loud funny, clean, and a quick, easy read. You should read "The Guy I'm Not Dating" first, then "Too Good to Be True", and "Beach Dreams" last.

An "anonymous" commenter asked who Mr. Charlap and Mr. Wegman are (Ms. Anonymous is just catching up with our blog entries from our trip). Charlap's is a frozen custard store in the Buffalo area of New York. It is owned by Nick Charlap. We went to Charlap's every evening while we were in Buffalo. When compared to the frozen custard in the east, frozen custard in the west is similar to ice milk.

Wegman's is a wonderful grocery store that not only sells groceries including beautiful produce, health and organic foods, etc., but it also sells many other commodities such as kitchenware and home goods and has a sandwich shop and a to-die-for bakery. Sandy loves this store. It is clean, the bathrooms are clean, and the folks who work there are friendly; however, as far as we know, Wegman's is only in New York. It is owned by Danny Wegman.

Sandy's daughter, who lives in the Buffalo area, often tells her that Nick, Danny, and Tim (from Tim Horton's), or if she's feeling more formal, Mr. Charlap, Mr. Wegman, and Mr. Horton want her (Sandy) to come play with them.

Scary bridge segment: Theses are pictures of the seven-mile bridge that goes to the Florida Keys. We'll just add the Florida Keys to our list of destinations we'll never visit.

Founding America: A Timeline

1777 - While one British army under General William Howe occupies Philadelphia, another under General John Burgoyne surrenders to American troops at Saratoga, New York. On November 15, the Continental Congress formally endorses the Articles of Confederation, which provide a system of national governance for the thirteen American States.

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