Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reid Between the Lines

Below is the angry text of a letter we emailed Senator Reid. Yes, it's stern but it doesn't contain any of the swear words we wanted to insert. So our readers should admire our restraint.

Senator Reid,

We are writing to express our indignation over the manipulative and deceitful political stunt you and your democrat cronies pulled this week. We are speaking specifically about the press conferences you held prior to John McCain arriving in Washington and after his arrival. Just to refresh your memory, you stated earlier this week that in order to resolve the bailout you needed John McCain to be present (why wouldn't you call for Barry Obama -- he's also a sitting Senator). After Senator McCain's arrival, you stated that Senator McCain needed to leave Washington because presidential politics were not helpful; in fact, they are harmful. Are you bipolar?

First, may we remind you that both Senator McCain and Barry are sitting senators BEFORE they are presidential candidates. It is their duty and responsibility to represent the people of Arizona and Illinois and defend the interests of their constituents. How dare you demand that any senator leave Washington because you decide to pull a political stunt and tell the American people that he is harming progress. Truthfully, someone needs to harm progress on this issue because the taxpayers and their financial well-being need to be protected. We envy the people of Arizona for having a representative in the Senate who actually cares about protecting them. Nevadans should be so lucky.

Second, do you really think that the American people are so gullible and stupid as to believe only your spin on this week's events? We realize now that you and a group of dishonest Democrats planned and implemented a scheme to blame John McCain for a failure of a consensus that hadn't even been agreed upon at all, in principle or any other way. How dare you waste Nevadan's time and money by playing partisan politics. And how dare you load up the bailout bill with earmarks and added financial gain for special interest groups. All you have managed to do is confirm our resolve that Democrats cannot be trusted with the peoples' business or their money. Never again will we vote for you or any other Democrat. And you can believe that we have actually voted for you in the past.

You can also believe that there are many Nevadans who are disgusted and fed-up with your antics and refuse to give you another term in office. Enjoy your retirement in 2011.

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