Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Race Race and A Dancer Exits

Another night of Dancing With the Stars has passed. Jeffrey Ross was the first to go and he needed to be. We give him credit for trying, but being a good tryer doesn't make him competitive.

The next to go should be Cloris Leachman. It's admirable that she's out there trying to dance at the age of 82, but this is a competition of the best dancer and she's not.

There are some very impressive dancers on the show this season. Brooke Burke and Lance Bass are doing a really good job, but there are several others who, with a little more work, could catch up. It will be a fun season.

On a Political Note:

Barack Obama's presidential candidacy has brought the race issue to the forefront of the race to the presidency. A person's race should have no bearing on whether or not we vote for him, but we're not naive; we do realize that there are still racists in the world and our country. That being said, though, doesn't it imply some kind of bigotry to assume that people won't vote for a candidate because of his race? Why can't the vote or lack of vote be because of the issues?

Truthfully, as indicated in the article below (see link), the only racism would be among the Democrat party because most Republicans are going to vote Republican anyway. It's the Democrats who are struggling with Obama's race. Barack Obama could be white, purple, or green and we still wouldn't vote for him. His beliefs are completely opposite of ours. We don't believe in any kind of socialism and Obama not only believes in socialism, he's willing to be the president who implements and oversees it.

We also take issue with any candidate who speaks in other countries, trying to appeal to their citizens, and then apologizes for our country's behavior. There are many liberals who think we ought to apologize for our very existence -- as if being free to pursue our own happiness is a crime.

France should be grateful to America, not despise it -- they could be speaking German right now. Even Germans should be grateful -- they could be living in complete communism right now. Instead the values that Americans believe in and live are coveted by righteous citizens of other countries.

Some people would say that our attitude is arrogant, but we disagree. Our attitude is called loyalty and that's all that holds this country together. When we observe our own citizens speaking in other countries about our transgressions and sins, we consider that person to be disloyal and divisive. And that's not a person who we want to be our leader.

There are many reasons why we would never vote for Barack Obama, but not one of them include his race.

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