Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bloom is Fading on Rose-bama

When liberal newswoman Maureen Dowd from the liberal NY Times writes an article about the fall of the anointed Barack Obama, well... that's just blog-worthy. She didn't exactly take him to task, but she did mention his fall, so we have to mention her. See article here:

We don't understand why anyone voted for Obama. He's never governed anything; his time in the U.S. Senate wasn't even a full term; when he did show up for a vote as a senator, it was usually to vote 'present'. To the people who keep remarking that we need to give President Obama a chance, Edie replies, "I don't need to give him a chance. I caught on during his two-year campaign that he was clueless about economics and politics. He no longer needs a chance; we now need lifeboats for this Titanic-like nation that he's sinking." When a candidate tells you that he/she has plans to fix what's wrong in the country, but then does not reveal those plans, the voters should run from that candidate.

Here's another good article on the fast sinking Obama-ship:

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