Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If Money Grows on Trees, then Washington is the Manure

President Obama is set to address the nation in a prime-time speech tonight. It's being reported that in the speech, he will explain the decision to spend $787 billion on his economic stimulus bill, the rationale behind his $50 billion housing plan, and his desire to advance universal health care. All of this will be done under the umbrella of "fiscal responsibility," which will also lay groundwork for his administration's hefty tax increases.

And Even More Spending: Yesterday democrats unveiled a $410 billion spending bill to fund government operations through the year. Lawmakers included 806 pages worth of earmark requests in the bill that would cost taxpayers $3.8 billion to fund.

USA Today reported some of the projects include:

$142,500 for a museum honoring the late House speaker Sam Rayburn, requested by Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Texas

$300,000 for a science camp curriculum in West Virginia requested by Rep. Alan Mollohan, D-W.Va.

$150,000 for renovations to the Westwood Theater in Rexburg, Idaho, requested by Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho.


John Hawkins is quickly becoming one of our favorite columnists. He's written a column today for Townhall.com entitled Fifteen Reasons I'm Already Tired of the Obama Era. All we can say is "Amen!" The link below will take you to the article.


The good news is that the American people are responding to their politicians and it's not going to be pretty in the 2010 elections for the incumbents. Rick Santelli from CNBC called for another tea party and now there is a new website by a gentleman named J.P. Freire: http://newamericanteaparty.com/

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