Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Heat is On

It's time to take back our country. WorldNetDaily reports the following statement from Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina:

"Freedom is in our hands; it always has been. We've entrusted it to people in Washington, and increasingly they have picked our pockets and pulled power from us.

"People don't need to look to Washington," DeMint continued. "It's the people's government. And the people are going to have to take it back. They can do it with their voices and with their votes – and they may have to do it with their legs. People are going to have to show that they're not going to take it anymore."

What exactly, does DeMint advocate the "remnant" do? Apparently, make a noise in the government's seats of power.

"I think some of these folks," DeMint said, "might think twice if they had several hundred people standing outside one of their state offices asking, 'What in the world are you thinking?'"

The good news is that we'll be surprised if Harry Reid lasts beyond the next election. Currently, in Nevada we're being hit with pro-Harry commercials, as if he's actually done something positive for Nevada. We think that only Harry believes he's actually working on behalf of Nevadans. The below website is probably self-explanatory with its name being DumpReid.

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