Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Jonas packed and ready to travel

We're back from nine wonderful days at our home in Southern Utah. We were able to get quite a bit done. We loaded up the trailer on the back of Dean's truck with trash from the yard and the house (an old door, old coffee table, old chair, two twin bed frames that were falling apart, etc.) and made a trip to the landfill outside of Cedar City. (note to self ~ do everything possible to avoid another trip to the landfill.) We weren't sure if there was enough hand sanitizer in the world after the landfill excursion, but after disinfecting ourselves as much as possible, the four of us (Edie, Sandy, sister Gladys, and brother-in-law Dean) enjoyed a tasty lunch at Wingers. On Wednesday, Dean and Gladys left Utah and headed back to their home in North Las Vegas.

While we sewed and crocheted, we watched the Tea Party coverage on Wednesday. We were amazed at the size of the crowds at the Tea Party events across the country. We were also amazed at how the mainstream media and liberal politicians tried their best to downplay the participation. We heard Nancy Pelosi comment that the tea parties were not part of a grassroot effort, but rather more like AstroTurf. Huh? She went on to say that the events were organized by Fox News and the rich folks of the United States. She's either stupid and totally ignorant or just an out and out liar or both. We vote for all of the above. Susan Roesgen, a CNN reporter, tried her best to make the participants looked uninformed, but she received her comeuppance after the CNN cameras quit recording. Founding Bloggers filmed that episode and posted it on You Tube. The link below will take you to that video. CNN has been trying to force You Tube to take down the Founding Bloggers footage since it also contains some of CNN's footage, but as of right now, it's still posted on You Tube.

Even though we tried to spend the rest of our time in Utah relaxing and enjoying our hobbies, we managed to go through some more of the stuff in our house to donate to the hometown garage sale that will take place in June. We hated to leave yesterday, but we're back in Henderson nonetheless. We look forward to the day when the majority of our time is spent in Utah.

The view from our Utah home's kitchen door

An apricot and apple tree in our Utah home's back yard.

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Deanna said...

Wow, you are an excellent writer. I think you are in the wrong business.

In as much as you mentioned you were saving stuff for the New Harmony garage sale. I don't think I told Dean that if you want, you can rent a booth for $10.00 and sell the stuff yourself. Of course, if you don't want to bother with this, we would love to have it. We have storage bins if you need to get it out of your place before June.
Again, thanks for your blog. I love reading your info.