Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pull the Plug On the Government Life Support

It appears that Americans aren't the only people dissatisfied with their government. A British blogger ranted this week that the Britsh MPs are extending their annual summer holiday to three months. During the worst economic crisis in our lifetime, this government has decided to spend one-quarter of their work year away from the office. Hmmm... maybe that's not a bad idea for any government. Being less involved in governing might actually be the solution to the economic crisis.

Seriously, we're beginning to believe that the federal government politicians are the biggest welfare recipients in the country. They voted a pay raise for themselves this year while doing little to nothing for their money. Many of these people have been in government so long that they wouldn't survive in the real world without our taxpayer handout. Fortunately for them, their cushy retirement plan means they'll never be without our money.

Here's another universal healthcare horror story:

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