Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Enough to Make Your Head Spin...

Why is it that whenever liberals try to bring about "fairness", things always become even less "fair"? Liberals believe that there is currently a division among the classes in this nation; however, their governing just throws more explosives at class warfare, which creates deeper trenches of division. If you want to know how well taxing the rich works, read this article:

On Monday, Glenn Beck interviewed Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, regarding the AIG bonuses that were paid in Connecticut. Mr. Blumenthal, acting in his official role as AG, is trying to get the bonus money back. Glenn Beck asked this simple question to Mr. Blumenthal: "What law did the AIG executives break?" Mr. Blumenthal was like a deer in the headlights; clearly, no one had asked him that question and he had no answer. People have been more concerned about the money than the law. It's okay and even patriotic for the American people to question where there tax money is going. It's not okay, and is a form of tyranny, for an elected official who is sworn to uphold the law to become involved in situations in which no law has been broken. It appears that Mr. Blumenthal is paving his political path by trying to gain the favor of the people of Connecticut for future elections.

As you can imagine, Mr. Blumenthal had no answer for Glenn's question. That's because the AIG executives broke no laws. Mr. Blumenthal was clearly befuddled by Glenn's question and, finally, after much stammering decided to use "public policy" as the reason for pursuing the bonuses. Turns out, there is no such public policy.

This link will take you to the original Beck vs. Blumenthal interview:,2933,511872,00.html

Here's further analysis of the debate on Glenn's radio show:

Yesterday, the day after the Beck/Blumenthal debate, Glenn had an attorney on his show who reviewed the tape from the day before. She called Mr. Blumenthal's bluff on every point. It would behoove every Connecticut resident to carefully assess Mr. Blumenthal's qualifications as a future politician. It's evident that he either doesn't mind making up laws as he goes along or he doesn't know the law at all; either way, any Blumenthal candidacy is worth careful scrutiny.

It also serves as a reminder to all Americans that we have to stay connected to what our politicians are doing. Glenn Beck is the only person who asked Attorney General Blumenthal to cite the law he was upholding. It's our job as Americans to make sure our politicians are ethical and law-abiding.

Where is the "count" in accountability?

Allegedly, Tim Geithner's math is off by about $100 billion dollars when computing how much bailout money is left. We'll let you decide whether or not his calculator is broken:

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