Friday, October 16, 2009

Congressional Honor, Friends and Term Limits

We received the following Personal Liberty Alert in an e-mail. We really like the last paragraph.

Congressional Honor, Friends and Term Limits

*A congressional honor role. Here's a tip of the hat to the seven House members of the Congressional Black Caucus who voted to defund the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). They were Sanford Bishop of Georgia, William Lacy Clay of Missouri, John Conyers of Michigan, Artur Davis of Alabama, Hank Johnson of Georgia, Kendrick Meet of Florida and Laura Richardson of California. Since there are 35 members of the Congressional Black Caucus in the House of Representatives, this means that a staggering 80 percent of them voted not to stop taxpayer funds from going to an organization that has been caught on video at least five times offering advice on how to practice slavery.

*If you're known by your friends... Although it didn't get much publicity, I thought you'd like to know about the tirade Libya's Muammar Qadhafi delivered at the United Nations last month. He was allotted 15 minutes to speak but ranted on for over an hour and a half. Among the highlights: Israel plotted the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the U.S. military produced the AIDS virus and other diseases to help wipe out minorities. Oh yes, and that he hopes Barack Obama—whom he called "my son"—remains president for life.

*More examples of friends helping friends. A start-up car company backed by former Vice President Al Gore has been awarded a $529 million U.S. government loan to help build a hybrid gas-electric sports car. And here's the kicker: the vehicle will be built in Finland, not the U.S. Fisker Automotive, which has yet to build a single vehicle, says the car will retail for around $90,000 if it ever goes into production.

*Now, this is the way to do term limits. I saw a put-down of politicians a few days ago that I really liked. Here it is: "Limit all U.S. politicians to two terms. The first in office, the second in prison. Illinois already does this."—Chip Wood

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