Thursday, October 1, 2009

You're So Vain... Harry

In Harry Reid's "Reid Report" dated October 1, 2009, Harry almost broke his arm patting his own back for his supposed accomplishments. Below is the text of his report. While we read his egotistical blathering, we couldn't help but ponder the following issues: (1) why would the other 49 states want to pay for Nevadans to have superior Medicaid provisions when they won't be getting the same thing? (2) Harry only decided to fight for Nevadans when he saw his poll numbers sinking in Nevada; before that, Nevadans were convenient doormats on which he could wipe his feet. We're not this stupid, Harry. (3) where is all this extra money coming from at a time when the fed is selling and then buying back their own bonds? Those are just the first things that came to our minds; there are probably many more things below to make our heads explode.

Dear Fellow Nevadan:

Some outside our state have criticized my work to ensure that we pass a health insurance reform bill that is good for Nevada. Last week, I successfully fought for changes in the Finance Committee bill that would send Nevada full federal funding for people added to the provision that would expand Medicaid in our state. Under this deal, federal Medicaid dollars flowing into Nevada will increase by more than 30 percent while the state will only have to increase its funding by 1.6 percent. In the course of their attacks, one Republican even acknowledged that I am leveraging my position as Majority Leader to deliver for Nevada. “And so the Majority Leader did exactly what a Senator, I would think, would do,” said Senator Alexander (R-TN). “[Reid] introduced an amendment, or proposed an amendment to the Senate Finance Committee and said take care of Nevada.” I make no apologies for helping those who are hurting the most in Nevada and I will continue looking for opportunities to help Nevada families weather the current economic storm.

I was also pleased this week to announce that millions in Economic Recovery funds are headed to Nevada for law enforcement and green job creation. These funds will create jobs while diversifying our economy and keeping Nevada safe. With our state suffering from an unprecedented budget crisis, unemployment over 13 percent and the highest foreclosure rate in the nation, I’m pleased to announce this money, which will bring much needed help to Nevadans. That’s what’s at the heart of the economic recovery package, helping those who are hurting. That’s also what the entire health care debate, and my job is all about - looking out for Nevadans in need.

HARRY REIDUnited States Senator for Nevada

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