Friday, October 23, 2009

They've Forced Me to This...

Edie sent the below message to our U.S. Representative, Dina Titus. Washington has forced us to battle -- it's come to this:

"A week or two ago I emailed you regarding the FCC meeting to discuss net neutrality. Your response to me was that if it came to a vote, you would keep my opinion in mind. I noticed today that John McCain is being pro-active for his constituents. He is speaking out against net neutrality. Why couldn't you do that? I emailed you my concerns and that I'm against net neutrality and all you are going to do is vote. Why didn't you take my concerns seriously and call the FCC, ask questions, tell them you have concerned constituents -- then get back to me on what they said? Why not stand up for your constituents like John McCain? Did we only send you to Washington to vote? Who's fighting for Nevadans if you're just waiting around for a vote? Clearly, I have no representation in Washington. I might as well get an apartment in Washington so that I can be available to represent myself."

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Paul and Ines said...

I want to hear that response!