Saturday, July 24, 2010

Edie & Sandy's Semi Big Adventure (the trip--not us)

Sisters' Log - Day One

We embarked today on another road trip. This summer we're traveling to Nauvoo, Illinois, on a mini church history tour. We left our home in Southern Utah this morning with the plan to get a breakfast pastry in the town just north. We were sabotaged by the 24th of July parade going down the main street, so we stopped at the local Quicki-Mart and picked up cookies and sodas (which we thought we had given up--the sodas, not the cookies). We'll have to go on another 12-step soda program when we get home, but we digress.

We promised each other that under no circumstances, would we stop in Green River, Utah, on this trip. We stopped there two years ago and could have sworn we heard the Twilight Zone theme song playing in the background. We thought we had it all planned out--just take I-70 right past Green River on to Grand Junction, Colorado. So after we stopped at Green River to get gas, we reviewed our plan to see where we went wrong. Note to self: gas up in Grand Junction, Colorado, on the way home so we don't have to stop in Green River, Utah, yet again.

The picture to the right is of Green River, Utah. As you can see, not much to look at.

The following pictures were taken through a dirty windshield while we drove along I-70. Some are in Utah and some are in Colorado.

Use your own caption with this one.

After stopping in Green River, we were so excited to see this sign.

Beautiful Rocky Mountains

Ski lift in Vail, Colorado

Colorado River running along the Rocky Mountains

On of the four tunnels through which we traveled in Colorado.

Actual conversation in car:
Edie looking at map: Hey, Elephant Butte!
Sandy: So you have one, too.
Edie: Butte, not butt.
Sandy: Oh.
Until tomorrow, Happy Trails...


Paul and Ines said...

Hey that last pic looked clearer...did a window wash in Green River??? looks like fun!

Maylene Ferrin said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time so far! I look forward to seeing your trip back there. :)

Gladys said...

Someday I will go with you guys. Have fun!