Friday, July 30, 2010

The End is in Sight

We left Iowa this morning with storm clouds brewing. It wasn't really raining yet, but it was sprinkling a little. And then on to Nebraska. We were a little pleasantly surprised. Nebraska is still flat--no hills at all--and the scenery still consists of miles and miles and miles of corn, and it takes forever to get across the state; but, the landscape was much greener than it was two years ago, which was nice. However, the east side of Colorado is still butt ugly, and to add insult to injury, we hit heavy rain--the kind of rain that, for safety reasons, has you driving at 40 miles per hour in a 75 mph zone. Several cars were pulled off to the side of the road, probably hoping to wait out the rain, but we just kept on driving. Visibility was minimal and became even more minimal when a semi passed the car spraying water all over the windshield. It was a tense ride, but we made.

We checked into our Hampton Inn hotel room in Golden, CO, and then set out to find dinner. We found a Mimi's down the street from our hotel, so we pulled in for a thoroughly enjoyable meal. Now we're back in our room. The weather, though wet, is nice and cool. This is the kind of place where desert rats need to live in the summer. However, given the many areas on the side of the road that say "30 minute chain up area", the winters wouldn't be much fun. Any city that has designated areas to put chains on cars is not a place we want to be in the winter.

We still have many pictures that we haven't posted, so there may be random picture blogging in the future. Hopefully, we'll remember what the pictures are of so we can add captions as well.

And now the end is near
And so we face the final curtain
Our friends, we'll say it clear
We'll state our case, of which we're certain
We've live a life that's full
We've traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this, we did it our way.

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