Thursday, July 29, 2010

Westward Ho

Sister's Log Day Six

This morning we packed up our things from the wonderful, spacious, air conditioned Brigham Young suite, loaded up the car, and headed to Fort Madison, Iowa. The gentleman who changed our flat tire yesterday recommended Billups Tire Store in Fort Madison to get the flat tire patched. We found out that somewhere along our travels, the tire picked up a nail. Billups patched the tire, checked the other tires, and off we went. Right before entering Fort Madison, we crossed the Mississippi River again, and this time we crossed on a draw bridge. It was a little higher over the river than the bridge we crossed two days earlier, but it wasn't freaky. Maybe we're getting a handle on our bridge phobias.

We headed west to Omaha, our goal for the day. Edie took the pictures below as we drove through Iowa. Iowa is such a beautiful state with green rolling hills and farm houses and silos dotting the country side.

We arrived in Omaha and checked into our hotel, another Country Inn and Suites. After unloading the car, we decided to visit the Mormon Trail Center. We drove by the site two years ago when we drove across the country on the way to New York, but we didn't go in. Today, we went inside and took the tour. We watched a short film about the travels and trials of the early Saints as they left Nauvoo and arrived in Omaha, where they stayed for the winter. It was known as Winter Quarters to the Saints. The weather was cold and harsh that winter, and almost every family experienced the death of at least one loved one. We viewed some artifacts from the 1840's, one of which was a portion of the Doctrine and Covenants, which was hand written by Brigham Young.
We then went on a hunt for dinner. One of the ladies at the Mormon Trail Center recommended a place called Tusseys, but when we arrived at the restaurant, a note posted on the door stated that it was closed for a week so the staff could go on vacation. So off we went again in search of dinner. We ended up eating at Jimmy John's, a subway sandwich shop that may not have been in the best part of town, but we were hungry.
Now we're back at our hotel, and we're both exhausted. Tomorrow we drive through Nebraska--yippee!--and then on to Denver.


Anonymous said...

O my gosh!! That looks sooooo pretty! And fun! Hahaha! Can't wait to see more pictures! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. Mom, are you touring bathrooms again?

A Daily Double said...

My stomach has been more cooperative during this trip, so I haven't had to do the bathroom tour, thank heavens.