Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family & Relaxation

"It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth--and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up--that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had." - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Remember that two-thumbs up we gave to Country Inn Suites? Red Roof Inn? Not so much.

Evidently we were exhausted from our long drive getting to Buffalo; because, even though our motel room was not conducive to a great night’s sleep, we slept like we were in comas. We slept so long we were too late for breakfast at Tim Horton’s. For the west coast crowd, Tim Horton’s is a chain of small east coast restaurants similar to Starbucks, but they serve breakfast sandwiches and wonderful pastries as well as sandwiches for lunch. So we ate lunch at Tim's instead.

We then headed to Wegman’s, a grocery store in Buffalo. Wegman’s is a grocery store, a Farmer’s Market, a deli, restaurant, a pharmacy and them some. Everything you need under one roof, except for clothing. Sandy loves this store. The store is clean, the bathrooms are clean, and folks there are very friendly.

We did our laundry at Callie's (Sandy's daughter) house while she and her husband were at work. Callie picked up chicken finger subs for us on her way home from work, and we all ate and just relaxed. It felt good to not be on the go for one day. We then went to Charlap's, a frozen custard/ice cream shop. The frozen custard in the East is far better than any wannabe frozen custard out west. Wish we could bring some home for all of you to taste. Since Charlap's is several miles from Callie's house and Scott's frozen custard wouldn't have lasted until we got back to their house, we drove through the Dairy Queen close to where they live to pick up an ice cream cone for him. Behind us in line were two young girls on horses, riding through the drive through to place their order. Never saw that in Vegas.

Today was another uneventful day, but also a relaxing day. Now we're back in Motel Hell, and we hope to sleep as well tonight as we did last night. We'll blog more about the hotel later. Tomorrow we're going to Canada. We should have some nice pictures for tomorrow's blog.

Isaiah - We'll be in New York until Monday, the 14th, so you can quit keeping track for a few days of the states we've been in.

Gladys - Edie bought you peanut, boysenberry, cherry, and chocolate cherry. The cookies and cream were all gone, so you didn't get any of those.

Vicki - Good to hear from you. Sandy will buy you some suckers next time we're in St. George.

Karen - We'll try to go to the two-story Wegman's and take some pictures for you.

That's all folks!


bertnburb said...

Oh my goodness...chicken finger subs? Those are sooooo good! Don't forget to go to Duff's for a beef on wec. Karen says to hit up Ted's for onion rings and dogs too. Do us a favor and give a shout out to Callie, Scott, Jessie, and Harley for us. We love them. Take a pic of the new dented motorcycle for us. We're wishing that we were back there now, we miss it alot. Isn't Callie just pretty? Oh yeah, Scott's pretty too.


Paul & Ines said...

Just to let you know that we've had a map on our floor for the past few days..
i miss you grandma and edie and say hi to callie from us (from isaiah)
Jonas update...he has a bruise on his forehead..he pulled the PS2 on it...doesn't anyone ever watch that kid,jeez!!His bump came out pretty fast so we knew he was okay...no hospital visits...phew!!
He does have this weird jerking shrug now??? j/k

Jami Carpenter said...

Hey, Sandy... perhaps your journey will take you to some KOSHER sites? After all, New York is famous for Jewish cuisine. I'll be thinkin' of ya.