Sunday, July 20, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We're home. It was another long day of driving, but we pulled in between 7:00 and 7:30 this evening (Sunday). Our journey was very educational, enlightening and enjoyable, and we look forward to more road trips in the future. Below are a few of our thoughts.

We've often complained about the heat in Southern Nevada during July and August, but we will complain no more. Yes, sometimes the heat seems unbearable, but we'll take the heat any day over the humidity in almost every other state we visited. Even though many of the places we saw were beautiful and green, figuratively speaking, the grass isn't always greener... We loved the mountains and the trees in Flagstaff, Arizona, and enjoyed the desert beauty as we were getting closer to home. We now can even recognize the beauty of the mountains surrounding the Las Vegas valley.

There were several "actual conversations in car" that will never leave the car. Some things we just can't share, but suffice it to say that we entertained ourselves.

Gas wasn't as expensive as we had anticipated. In a couple of the states, gas was $3.89 per gallon.

We're going to continue to blog, hopefully every day, especially in this election year. Our political interests were piqued several years ago when we read The Making of America, by Cleon Skouson. It's a very eye-opening book that we highly recommend. While visiting United States historical sites, several questions arose that we weren't sure of the answers, so we bought the following books: What Would the Founders Do?, The Miracle at Philadelphia, The Road to Monticello, and Founding America. We will share on our blog insights that we gain from our reading as well as any interesting political events du jour. We also enjoy studying about health and nutritional issues, so we'll share those items of interest as well.

Thanks for following our travels and for all of the comments. We hope you keep reading and will continue to comment.

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Paul & Ines said...

We are happy to have you home. The boys missed you both.