Monday, July 7, 2008

The Password is...Humidity!

"Man's success or failure, happiness or misery, depends upon what he seeks and what he chooses." - David O. McKay

Sisters Log - Day 5

We have awakened the last two days stuck to our sheets and pillow cases, and we were still in our air conditioned rooms. The real misery started when we went outside. How do people live like this? All you folks in the desert never again whine about the heat. We'll take the heat any day over this humidity.

Corn update: It's still growing...everywhere. Is there a state in this country that doesn't grow miles and miles of corn? When we entered New York, we noticed that they grow grapes...miles and miles of grapes. We thought that was a nice break from the corn...and then we came to the corn fields. We were told that New Yorkers are really proud of their corn. They even have a corn festival complete with a corn queen. Who knew?

We had a good afternoon. We drove four hours from Elkhart to Kirtland, Ohio, where we toured the Kirtland temple. The Kirtland temple was built by the LDS church from 1833-1836 though now it is owned by the Church of Christ, no affiliation to the LDS church. The temple is rich in LDS church history. Many events occurred there that are meaningful to our religion. There are three floors in the temple. We know, because the tour guide told us, that there are 33 very narrow, winding stairs from the second floor to the third floor. Each stair must have been two feet high and three inches wide, and that's not even counting the other set of stairs from the first floor to the second floor. But we survived, and our calves are sore. It was a good tour and very much worth seeing if you're ever in that neck of the woods.
Across the street is a little dive hole-in-the-wall fast food joint called Kokomos. It had the best bratwurst and frozen custard. In fact, we ran into four sister missionaries who told us that if you visit the area, Kokomos is a must do. We concur. We took some pictures of historic Kirtland, which we've included in this blog.

Gas in Kirtland is $4.06 per gallon.

We drove through Cleveland today and saw the Cleveland Indians' stadium and Lake Erie. We're both baseball fans and would like to come back to see a game. We also saw from the freeway several old architecturally fascinating buildings that we would like to see on a return trip when we have more time to spend in Cleveland.

Cynthia - You're absolutely right--things could always be worse. Still not going back to Nebraska.

Isaiah - Today we went through Ohio, capitol is Columbus; Pennsylvania, capitol is Harrisburg; and New York, capital is Albany. We hope you're keeping track.

May the force be with you.


Anonymous said...

I'm thoughly enjoying your blog comments. I'm commenting as anonymous because I can't get comments to work under my name any more. Anyway, what kind of suckers did you get me?


bertnburb said...

Karen and I have decided that we want you guys to video blog your next trip. The tone in your voices is missed with the funny comments that are being made. We're just saying. By the way, Karen wants photos from Wegmans,
preferably the two story one.


mrsmilo said...

Pats and Edie,

I am so enjoying reading about your trip and laughing with you. So glad I know about reason to ever visit that place! And, what kind of suckers did you get Gladys?! It's been a tad humid here, my knees are begging for mercy, so when I read about the humidity in your travels, it made me grateful for the "dry heat" no more complaints...well until tomorrow!

Looking forward to reading tomorrow about you two girlos!

XX00 Vic