Thursday, July 17, 2008

West Side Story

"Life isn't too short. It's the longest thing anyone will ever do." - recently spotted bumper sticker.

We left Raleigh, North Carolina, this morning, and we're now heading west to home. It's been a long day of driving, but we're now in Nashville, Tennessee. Before leaving North Carolina, we were able to stop by the Raleigh LDS temple. We'll post the picture tomorrow, because we left the camera in the car and we're both too exhausted to go get it.

The countryside in Tennessee is beautiful. We drove through mountains and crossed over rivers. It's very green with lots of trees, but not so many trees that you can't see anything else. The people we've encountered in Tennessee have been very friendly. We ate at an Italian restaurant within walking distance of our hotel, and the manager was very pleasant. When we explained why we probably wouldn't be back to eat at Sole Mio's, he talked to us for quite a while about our trip and the different places we've seen. The staff at the Hampton Inn, where we're staying tonight, were also very friendly and talked to us for several minutes about our travels.

Sole Mio's in Nashville had a very nice atmosphere--probably too classy for us. The food was good, but not excellent. We probably wouldn't choose to eat there again.

Tomorrow we're hoping to make it to Oklahoma City. The trip home is more driving than sight seeing, so we're missing some of the things we would like to see. We just didn't have enough time to squeeze everything in.

There is corn in North Carolina, but we didn't see any in Tennessee.

Shout out to the Melanies in Clearfield.

Isaiah - Today we were in North Carolina and Tennessee.


bertnburb said...

Adam West is still a better "WEST" to me. Karen says that if time permits, go to the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, it's the old Grand Old Opry Hotel. She says it's well worth the time.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies, This is Melanie Hancock in Clearfield. Sandy - I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I lover reading your blogs, you guys crack me up. Have a safe trip home.