Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If We Are the Sheeple, Who's Our Shepherd?

A Russian journalist wrote an article for Pravda, a Russian magazine/newspaper, about Americans becoming Marxists. He called the American people "sheeple" for blindly following without even a whimper a government that is rapidly leading them to Marxism. Is this the change that Obama voters wanted? When Obama and his supporters talked about changing the way other nations looked at America (because we were supposedly hated by most other countries), did anyone think that would include other nations looking down on us or laughing at us (like China did yesterday at Tim Geithner)? So who prefers being mocked, scorned, and kicked around by other nations over being the world's leader who is feared by other nations? Seems like a no-brainer, but liberals will vote for being the kicking post.

The American people need to fight against the tyranny coming from Washington, D.C. Of course, if you are like us, you are writing and calling your federal representatives to no avail. We feel like we are voicing our opinion, only to not be heard. We may have to start joining the rallies and even marching in Washington, peaceably of course, to make our voices heard. We're sure that we aren't alone in not wanting to lose our right to choose for ourselves. And we are sure that if we do lose our right to choose, we will not stand blameless before God.

Perhaps the rest of the world should also take note of our government. What makes them think that our tyranny won't spread to them? If oppressors and bullies can control one country, then why not the world?

Below is a link to Glenn Beck's comments on the Pravda article and he includes a link to Pravda:

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