Monday, June 15, 2009

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Wasn't Conservatism Supposed To Be Dead?

Gallup: Twice As Many Conservatives

Posted by Kyle Trygstad


Twice as many Americans interviewed so far this year in national Gallup surveys say they are conservative, rather than liberal. Even with the recent election of a liberal president who won 60 percent of the moderate vote -- and a fifth of the conservative vote -- the number of self-described conservatives has increased this year.

Gallup reports that 40 percent of interviewees this year said they were conservative, 35 percent moderate and 21 percent liberal. The number of conservatives hasn't shifted much in the last two decades -- from 1996 through 2004, between 39 and 40 percent described themselves as conservative -- though that number had dropped to 37 percent over the last three years.
While two-fifths of the population says it's conservative, more Americans consider themselves either Democrats or independents than Republicans. Interviews this year found that 37 percent are independents, 36 percent Democrats and 28 percent Republicans.

Vice Pres. Joe Biden Says They "Guessed Wrong" On Stimulus: Economy Worse Than Ever

by Jack Ryan

In an interview with "Meet the Press" Vice President Joe Biden has come out to apologize about the government's plan with the stimulus. According to reports, Biden told "Meet The Press" that they all guessed wrong about the impact of the stimulus now that the economy is even worse off than before.

According to The Page, "Backs away from the estimate that the funds could create or save 3.5 million jobs, instead promises 600,000 by the end of the summer."

Biden was quoted with saying "No one realized how bad the economy was. The projections, in fact, turned out to be worse. But we took the mainstream model as to what we thought -- and everyone else thought -- the unemployment rate would be." Biden has also claimed that they have created jobs which could not have been created beforehand. (c)

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