Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Armies of God vs. The Armies of the Adversary

We recently read that Obama has on "Internet Army" whose responsibility it is to monitor the Net and go after anyone who writes negatively about him and also target those who oppose him. We got a little taste of these kinds of tactics during Obama's campaign when a group of lawyers who support Obama threatened to sue anyone who spoke or wrote disparagingly about him. These reports are very chilling. We've written before about our constitution hanging by a thread, and we see more evidence of the powers-that-be trying to snip that final hanging thread. Below is an article that should send chills up the spines of those who love this country and its constitution.

Obviously we are in perilous times--political, economic, and spiritual. We've also written before about the need to build your own ark. The link below will take you to an excellent article written by Thom K. Hall, certified financial planner, entitled "You Need Your Own Ark to Protect from the Coming Economic Storm."

Both of these articles are necessary reading to prepare us for what's coming tomorrow. First, we need to make ourselves politically aware, so we can keep pressure on our senators and representatives to fight policies that will take our country further away from our constitution and closer to socialism. Second, we need to get our houses in order for the coming storms--storms about which we have been warned for decades.

We feel a sense of urgency as we watch the events unfolding around us. The time for fence sitting is past. It's time to become involved.

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