Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moving On

Dancing With the Stars

Last night Susan Lucci was voted off of Dancing With the Stars. It was time. She just didn't have the heart for it that is apparent in the remaining candidates. Now we get down to tougher choices. The remaining few are all good, though Brook Burke is still the best.


"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves." ~ Bertrand de Jouvenel

An Excellent Thought...

The following is a post from the United Kingdom's The Telegraph:

"I have to say that I feel really sorry for the poor of America, black or white. I also feel sorry for those middle class people who, feeling it would help the less well off, voted for BHO. America is no different from any other country when it comes to these situations. BHO is no different from any other left wing or Socialist Politician in these situations. He is now “in power” and will realise, pretty swiftly, that this power is very limited. It is very simple really, Socialism does not work. People vote for it because in an ideal world helping those who are disadvantaged is a laudable and desirable thing to be doing. In an ideal world, the wealthy and the wealth creators would altruistically shower their wealth on the poor. Indeed, it would be their raison d'ĂȘtre. In an ideal world, the poor would consist of those who are genuinely unable to look after themselves or their families and so require such help. We know this is not an ideal world. We know that a great deal of the people who want the State to support them do so because they cannot be bothered to do it for themselves and feel they are owed something.

"We know that some are no more than envious, wanting the trappings of success without putting in the effort. These people are more the enemies of the less well off and the disadvantaged than any capitalist or banker or right wing Politician. It is they who prevent any real progress in helping the poor because they taint everyone with their grasping ways. Our society is based on a work ethic and it is a natural thing for those who make the effort to begrudge passing their earnings onto wasters and slobs. Sadly, that means the truly deserving suffer. There is a great willingness among reasonable people to help those who need it. But when it comes right down to it, it never happens because the Right cannot deal with the disease because politically they are being B******s and the Left can’t do it because they are unwilling to deal with the spongers.

"So nothing, really, will change. The best example of all this is the UK where Socialist Governments come and go, each time promising to sort it all out. Each time, they leave office having thrown bundles of tax payers cash at it to virtually no effect, except that they always trash the economy thereby making it even worse for the people they purport to help. So good luck America! We in the UK are looking at you and wondering how you could embark on an experiment that has already been tried in this country and palpably failed. We will be suffering for years to come. Welcome to the club!"
Posted by PaddyBoy on November 6, 2008 1:08 PM

Trying to Move On

In light of this week's election results, Edie's new motto is "hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."

We can't change the results of this week's election, so we need to move on from here. Truthfully, John McCain was never our first choice for president -- he's certainly no conservative, but at least he had a history of making decisions and a military service record of which to be proud.

President-elect Obama has promised to be bi-partison and work with both sides of the aisle. At this point, it doesn't look good. The choices he is making for his White House staff are very left-wing liberals who have never been interested in the opinions of the other side. So we are not having a good start and Obama hasn't even taken office yet.

The one thing that we know for sure is that we will fight for our rights. The right to choose for ourselves was given to us by God, and we will not mock Him or make light of His gift by giving up easily.

We do have a question for anyone from Pennsylvania. Why would you re-elect John Murtha? He has called you names and clearly doesn't care about you. From the outside looking in, it appears that you are in an abusive relationship with him. He calls you names and you believe the fault is yours and run back for more abuse. We find this very confusing. We certainly believed that he was on his way out of office.

In an effort to now move on from this week's election, we will focus our efforts on the senate election in two years. Below are the senators up for re-election in November 2010.

Alabama - Shelby, Richard (Republican)
Alaska - Murkowski, Lisa (Republican)
Arizona - McCain, John (Republican)
Arkansas - Lincoln, Blanche (Democrat)
California - Boxer, Barbara (Democrat) California, please vote for her opponent.
Colorado - Salazar, Ken (Democrat)
Connecticut - Dodd, Christopher (Democrat) He's one of the leaders of the current financial mess.
Florida - Martinez, Mel (Republican)
Georgia - Isakson, Johnny (Republican)
Hawaii - Inouye, Daniel (Democrat)
Idaho - Crapo, Mike (Republican)
Illinois - Obama, Barack (Democrat)
Obviously, this seat will be filled by someone else, but the seat may be up for election.
Indiana - Bayh, Evan (Democrat)
Iowa - Grassley, Chuck (Republican)
Kansas - Brownback, Sam (Republican)
Kentucky - Bunning, Jim (Republican)
Louisiana - Vitter, David (Republican)
Maryland - Mikulski, Barbara (Democrat)
Missouri - Bond, Christopher (Republican)
Nevada - Reid, Harry (Democrat)
Our state! We'll do everything we can to get his opponent elected.
New Hampshire - Gregg, Judd (Republican)
New York - Schumer, Charles (Democrat)
Seriously, New York. We realize you'll pick a liberal, but could you please pick a different one.
North Carolina - Burr, Richard (Republican)
North Dakota - Dorgan, Byron (Democrat)
Ohio - Voinovich, George (Republican)
Oklahoma - Coburn, Tom (Republican)
Oregon - Wyden, Ron (Democrat)
Pennsylvania - Specter, Arlen (Republican)
South Carolina - DeMint, Jim (Republican)
South Dakota - Thune, John (Republican)
Utah - Bennett, Robert (Republican)
Vermont - Leahy, Patrick (Democrat)
Washington - Murray, Patty (Democrat)
Wisconsin - Feingold, Russell (Democrat)

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