Sunday, November 23, 2008

Signs Are All Around Us

We have a book by Cleon Skousen titled "Prophecy and Modern Times." We have been reading through it this weekend and were struck by several prophecies of the last days before Christ's second coming -- some of them are happening now.

Mr. Skousen originally wrote his book in 1939 -- he died in his 90's just a couple of years ago. So this book was written a long time before the current politicial and financial scenes began to take shape. We wanted to share a couple of passages from the book.

"The Lord does not reap down a nation until it is altogether ripe unto destruction. It is not the purpose of God to destroy nations but to build them up. He desires to bless, not punish. Nevertheless, God will not be mocked, and when any people begin to glory in their wickedness--to subvert and destroy the work of the Lord--then he has no alternative.

"As in the case of Rome, the decline begins in that hour when the cross currents of national life begin to ebb and flow with a rapidity wholly baffling to the ingenuity of human leadership; and because a wicked nation will not submit to divine leadership they soon become their own worst enemies. Because of distrust, jealousy and unholy ambitions among the people themselves, the very structure of their civil government soon threatens to collapse.

"It is at such a time that the people begin to lose confidence in their system of government. A crisis is precipitated by the populous demanding a change. This is a typical evolution of events in a nation which is sick at heart and will not admit that its growing lethargy is the result of poison issuing from within its own members."

Please note the bolded, italicized sentences. Notice how it correlates with our recent presidential campaigns and election.

The following is a portion of a talk given by Heber C. Kimball regarding the last days before Christ's return:

"A spirit of speculation and extravagance will take possession of the Saints, and the result will be financial bondage."

This is exactly what we're seeing happen on Wall Street, where the greatest financial speculation occurs.

We've said it before, but it bears repeating: it's time to build your ark. Have food and emergency supplies on hand. has several options for both food and emergency supplies. The dehydrated food has a shelf life of 15 to 20 years and is not expensive at all.

In addition to physical preparedness, we need to also be spiritually prepared. Store up your faith now through scripture study, prayer, worship, and repentance. The well of faith we store now may be the only spiritual drink we have to draw on during the coming disasters and trials.

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