Monday, November 24, 2008

Is This Fair?

The Fairness Doctrine

Liberal Washington, D.C., politicians have been threatening to reinstate The Fairness Doctrine. These threats and possible action are their way of silencing conservative talk radio, currently the only real means that conservatives get up-to-date political information. Because talk show hosts are able to quickly get information to the public, they are a threat to the liberal agenda -- citizens calls to Washington shut down the capitol building switchboard when talk radio announced that a vote on immigration was pending.

We are adamantly opposed to a fairness doctrine. First, it's an infringement on our right to choose what we will listen to. Second, why would anyone let the federal government decide for us what's fair? When did they become the authority on what's fair for us? Washington's approval rating is, at best, in the teens and they want us to believe that they know what's best for us. Third, if we have a fairness act on public radio, then we demand that the same be granted for public school. Every time evolution is taught in school, equal time needs to be given to creationism. Fourth, does re-instating The Fairness Doctrine include MSNBC? Because no news agency is more one-sided than MSNBC, the liberal news network.

It seems obvious to us that Washington is limiting their attacks to conservatives. Why? Because conservatives are the ones who consistently pay attention to what Washington is doing and try to actually stop the feds from enslaving us with their regulations. We fight against their attempts to lead us like lambs to the slaughter. If The Fairness Doctrine once again begins to rear its ugly head, we need to fight for our right to free speech (this includes free listening) and stop the feds from taking away our choices.

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