Tuesday, December 23, 2008

...And To All, A Good Night!

There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day.-Alexander Woollcott

The snow FINALLY melted in front of our house. This is the desert; snow isn't meant to be part of the landscape here. Our house has a northern exposure which taught us a valuable lesson for future home buyers: a home should face south. Our neighbors across the street haven't had ice or snow in front of their homes since 24 hours after the snow stopped falling. The front of our home, however, rarely saw the sun in the last few days; days passed with very little melting occurring on our side of the street. We are happy to report that the front of our house is currently ice free. Let's hope the weather keeps it that way.

We have heard that the front of our home in Utah is packed with snow and that we can't even drive up to the garage. But we think some kind-hearted souls in the community are going to clear a path for us so that we can spend some time there during the holiday. Thank you to the kind-hearted soul(s).

We will be away from the blogsphere until the first week of January. While we spend time with family and friends and receive and give gifts, we are mindful that the season exists because a small baby boy was born in a manger of hay over 2000 years ago. There would be no hope, no peace, no guiding star in the sky if not for the birth of Jesus.


cynphil6 said...

Merry Christmas Edie!!

The Bailey's

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously complaining about the snow again??