Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Political Circus

Obama gets his own holiday. It doesn't happen to fall on April 1st, does it?

A little good news: On Tuesday, December 2, Saxby Chambliss, Republican U.S. Senator of Georgia, won re-election. This election occurred after senatorial candidates in Georgia received less than 50% of the vote -- Georgia requires that a candidate wins by more than 50%. So a run-off election was conducted on December 2. We are relieved that Senator Chambliss won. His re-election as a Republican prevents the Democrats from having the 60 votes they need for a filibuster-proof senate. Thank goodness, because Harry Reid's idiocy shouldn't be allowed to run unobstructed -- we're just trying to stop his idiocy from painting all Nevadans as stupid, but Harry's not helping our fight.

Another article defending the Mormons involvement in California's Prop 8:

A great article by Thomas Sowell about Freedom and the confused thinking of the left:

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