Monday, December 1, 2008

This and That

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our home with friends and family. Sandy's granddaughter was able to fly from North Carolina to be with us -- we're always happy to see her. Thanksgiving was nice but it seems that we spend hours cooking and then cleaning up for about 30 minutes of eating. Not sure about the wisdom of this practice, but we do enjoy the leftovers.

As we get nearer to a new year and a new president, here are some things to watch for in 2009:

~Universal healthcare

~More bailouts

~Harry Reid is going to re-introduce an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants.

~U.S. troops may be deployed inside the United States as part of homeland security. The federal government is constitutionally not allowed to deploy troops on their own people. The only troops who can be deployed within the states are National Guard troops, and they can only be activated by state governors. If the federal government begins to deploy federal troops inside the United States, we will all need to take a stand and fight against it.

~Change you can believe in. Didn't Obama run his campaign on making changes and getting away from the old Washington way of thinking? This article is by Democrat Strategist, Kristin Powers

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