Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Happened to We The People?

Yesterday we wrote about the attacks that have taken place against the Mormon Church because of their stance on marriage being defined as between one man and one woman, and we posted links to a couple of good articles on that subject. We read another good article, written by a Jewish Rabbi, on the same topic. The link below will take you to that article.

We’ve stated several times how important it is to be informed about politics and about the Constitution of the United States, so we will be prepared and armed with the necessary knowledge to fight for our rights that are being threatened daily. Walter E. Williams wrote an article today for that details how ignorant “we the people” have become about basic civics.

We love this country and realize how important it is to be vigilant everyday in fighting for the rights for which our founding fathers fought. The main weapon we need in our arsenal is knowledge, so we’ll be aware when our rights are being threatened. The more we become informed, the more we’ll realize that we’ve been slowly losing our rights over the course of several decades. Read up on the history and the making of our country and compare that with current events and then stay informed. Contact your elected representatives as soon as you’re made aware of yet another piece of legislation that will slowly usurp our freedoms.

The government will continue to sanction and legislate away our rights in the name of political correctness, hate crimes, and terrorism. Don't let them scare or shame you into giving away your right to choose. This article is titled "How Democracies Perish" about a British man who was detained by police for nine hours because he spoke out against the government leader. It can and will happen to people in the United States, too:

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