Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Left Lied and America Died

President Obama was in Las Vegas last night to help Harry Reid raise funds for his 2010 re-election campaign. Reid's approval rating in Nevada is poor; it says a lot that he's already raising funds for a campaign in which he has no opponent yet. He should be concerned; even if no one comes forward to oppose him we will still vote against Harry. Reid stated that President Obama is a smart man, yet Obama had this to say about Reid: "We need to keep Harry Reid exactly where he belongs." Doesn't sound too smart to us, unless Obama thinks that Harry belongs in a Searchlight, Nevada, retirement home. Now that would be a smart move. This article has more of the story:

As if we don't pay enough taxes, a national sales tax is now being considered to help pay for universal healthcare. Huh? We were told by the president that universal healthcare would save us money, but it now appears that we will have to be taxed to pay for healthcare. Where's the savings? We were also told by candidate Obama that he wouldn't raise taxes on people who earned less than $250,000, but now there is talk of adding a sales tax. Isn't it time for us to stand up to Washington and tell them enough with the lies and double talk? The tea parties we see across the country are doing just that. Here's more information on the national sales tax issue:

Did you notice how the U.N. is really coming down hard on North Korea for creating nuclear weapons? Yeah, neither did we. The liberals argue that U.N. sanctions work and that peace and love with our enemies will turn them into our friends. And then all the wild animals will frolic in the forest together as the rest of the world lay down their weapons to embrace each other in peace. That might make a great Disney movie, but it doesn't work out well in reality where wicked people embrace evil and are willing to destroy anyone who stands in their way. Truthfully, we wouldn't have to worry about our enemies so much if liberal policies in this country didn't put us in more danger.

While on the subject of liberals, John Hawkins wrote another great article entitled 20 Hypocrisies Of Liberalism. He explains that everybody is guilty of being hypocritical sometimes. It’s just part of being human; however, modern liberalism has taken this concept to stunning extremes. The entire liberal belief system, from top to bottom, is a series of logical blind alleys, bottlenecks, and jaw-dropping contradictions.

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