Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shopping, Bridges & The Simpsons

Travelogue by Sandy

Callie and I went shopping today in Lockport, Medina, Olcott, Newfane, and Niagara Falls--all towns in New York. We stopped for lunch at The Basket Factory, a wonderful little restaurant that sits on a marina on the Erie Canal. There were tables set up outside right on the marina, but it was raining so we ate inside.

I was standing in the same place when I took both of the pictures above. The top picture was taken facing the back of the restaurant and the marina. To take the bottom picture, I turned to my left so I could capture the bottom of the marina as it leads into the Erie Canal.

After lunch and shopping we headed back to Callie's. Callie plugged in her address in her Magellan (we call her Maggie Ellen) and off we went. I thought that maybe now I could drive over bridges and not lose control of my bodily functions. However, when Callie said, with an ashen face, that she thought we would have to cross a bridge if we stayed on the road we were on, and I looked up ahead and sure enough, there was the bridge, we both thought we were going to hurl. The pictures below are of the bridge that loomed ahead.

I thought we were committed to the bridge, but there was an exit off the road we were on before we actually got to the bridge. Callie exited and pulled over to the side of the road. The road and maybe about 100 feet or so of grass was all that was between us and the Niagara River. After we quit dry heaving and got ourselves together, Callie called her husband, Scott, and he gave her directions to get home that would avoid the Grand Island Bridges. Callie explained to me that once you cross that bridge, you have to cross another bridge on the other side of the island. The Niagara River splits around Grand Island and there are bridges on both sides of it. I was really glad that Scott is from the Buffalo area and knows his way around. Edie--I guess I'll have to work on my phobias some more before we take that trip up the East Coast.

Speaking of Scott, he really likes the Simpsons, and his love of the Simpsons is displayed throughout their house.

This is the cake topper from Callie and Scott's wedding.

Simpson computer screen. All of the icons are characters from the Simpsons.

First half of the Simpson village in their family room.

Second half of the Simpson village in their family room.

Clock on the wall in their family room. I bought this for him for his birthday.

Simpson jigsaw puzzle that Scott put together.

And last but not least, Simpson postage stamps.

I have one day left to spend with Callie and Scott. My flight to Las Vegas leaves Monday morning.

Isaiah & Kobe ~ Thanks for taking such good care of my farm. I'll see you Monday.

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