Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cleanup Hitter Needed

Washington politicians need someone to come in and cleanup the bases they have filled with lies, deceit, and treachery. We don't know how we feel about the AIG bonuses, but we do know that the blame lies with Washington politicians. Americans who are angry only at the bonuses have missed the bigger picture of the politicians who voted for the bonuses in the stimulus package. Republicans who voted against the stimulus package were beaten down for not being for the American people because it appeared they didn't want to "stimulate" the economy -- oh, what a difference a few weeks make. Those Republicans are the only people whose hands are clean of this mess and it appears that the only thing "stimulated" is the anger of the American people.

If your representative in Washington voted for the stimulus package, ask him/her why they didn't read the bill. If any of them had bothered to read the bill before voting for it, we may not have the current problem with AIG.

Here's a good article about this issue:

Nevadans should write or call Harry Reid and ask him about his support of Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner. Senator Reid said that he didn't see Geithner's income tax problems as anything more than a hiccup. Turns out that the hiccup is more like really bad indigestion. Geithner helped put together the bailout package for AIG and was well aware of the bonus provision in the stimulus package. Any time that integrity is discarded instead of being a necessary characteristic, the result is going to be what we're experiencing now with Tim Geithner.

The 2010 election seems so far away.

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