Friday, March 13, 2009

Does Reid read?

Edie sent another letter to Harry Reid. The text is below. (Edie doesn't really believe that Harry Reid reads, or even cares about, her letters, but it sharpens her letter writing skills.)

Senator Reid,

I am writing to let you know the frustration that we, as Americans, are currently feeling. You and your colleagues have sorely underestimated the wrath of the American people right now over the excessive spending. And none of us want to hear one more time how it was started under George Bush. While I agree that that is a true statement, and I didn't agree when President Bush pushed through the first TARP, it doesn't excuse the current president or congress from pushing through more stimulus and earmark bills. The president could have, and should have, vetoed the pork that crossed his desk this week, but in an extraordinary act of promise breaking, he didn't. Now, not only do we have a congress who has an approval rating in the teen's, we also have a president who has little to no integrity.

I must advise you, Senator, that Americans are holding anti-stimulus rallies across America. I realize that you may not know that because the media doesn't report on anything that would hurt President Obama's image, not to mention how completely out-of-touch Washington, D.C., is with its constituents.

I have written you numerous times, Senator, and, yet, it's as if I, or anyone else, never contacted you. You never vote the way we ask and then we have to suffer through being called names by you (as in the case of the amnesty bill when you called us all racists) or patronized by you or another member of congress (as in the case of the stimulus bill when Americans who protested were told we just didn't understand the gravity of the situation).

Americans with whom I speak no longer care how bad the situation is. They would rather have businesses fail and have to rebuild America from scratch than have even one more pork-laden stimulus package laid on their backs. The burden that you have imposed on us is getting heavy, Senator, and I'm telling you that Americans are DONE with the money spending.

I do not want to hear back from you that we just don't understand the situation. You either need to clearly explain the situation so that we do understand, or you need to stop the spending immediately.

You need to get outside of Washington, Senator. There are rallies being held almost daily in this country. People are tired of the money spending and they are REALLY tired of being ignored by their representatives.

We keep being told how some of these banks, auto makers, and businesses are too big to fail. Most of us don't believe that; and we really don't believe that the U.S. government is too big to fail. Maybe if it does fail, we can elect officials who will actually listen to us and represent our opinions and interests with integrity.

Wow! I got a little teary thinking about integrity in Washington -- it's been a long time since any of us witnessed that. Now there's hope and change I can believe in.

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