Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stop the Insanity

Last week we urged people to watch Glenn Beck's "We Surround Them" program on Friday. His show reminded Americans that in order to address the problems we see in this country, we must be part of the solution needed to fix those problems. People also came to realize that we really aren't alone. There are millions of Americans who don't want to see the current administration in Washington, D.C., succeed with a socialist agenda. We are Americans, not socialists. The founders of this country were divinely inspired so that we could choose for ourselves and live according to the dictates of our own consciences.

Now, however, we find ourselves again fighting for our freedoms as we've allowed our rights to gradually be eroded and defiled by evil, conspiring men and women, some of whom are our politicians in Washington, D.C. Many Americans who are now tuning into their surroundings are wondering what happened to their country. Some Americans are still tuned out, not able to see the evidence of evil, stupidity, laziness, and irresponsibility in front of them -- and that's just talking about our politicians.

Glenn Beck introduced a new website for people to use to connect to other like-minded Americans who are also seeking support. The site is http://www.the912project.com/. Glenn's show was a huge success and the Fox News and 912 project websites kept crashing from server overload. Glenn's TV and radio show popularity have been steadily increasing, even while his critics have also increased. The criticism might be worth listening to if it weren't for the fact that Glenn's warnings and predictions haven't been wrong yet. He started warning about the financial crisis two or three years ago, before it ever happened. Critics and economists laughed at him at the time -- they're probably not laughing anymore, especially since most of them were wrong.

John Hawkins further illustrates the madness of the times we live in with this article:


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