Friday, March 27, 2009

Take A Stand

Below is the letter we sent to Harry Reid last night. If you believe in this country, but don't like the direction in which it's headed, please write or call your Washington representatives, even if you don't think they are listening. It's time to take a stand. If more Americans stand up, more Washington politicians will have to stand down.


I am growing more concerned each day with the direction this country is headed. Not only are we taking steps that would not be supported by our founding fathers, we are committing acts that I cannot believe that God Himself would support.

The greatest gift we have been given by God is our right to choose. Your constituents have loaned that right to you to make important decisions on their behalf. Unfortunately, the decisions that you and your colleagues are currently making will ensure that our freedoms are miniscule throughout the coming years.

Your 3/26/09 newsletter states:
"On Monday, I wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee requesting that a reserve fund be created in the budget to provide assistance to struggling homeowners. I am proud to announce today that we succeeded in inserting this provision into the budget we consider next week. This fund gives struggling homeowners more leverage in their efforts to seek loan modifications with lenders and expands eligibility to those with substantial negative equity."

Senator, your efforts are NOT the role of government. You are stepping beyond your federal senatorial role by taking MY taxpayer money and giving it to others to allegedly save their homes. This is something that their communities need to do. Federal taxpayer money is for building roads, funding the military, and taking care of federal expenses. In fact, our community would be in a better position to assist others if our tax burden were lessened.

It is my opinion that, right now, you and your colleagues are violating the tenth amendment. The federal government has gone beyond the bounds that were ever intended for them. I am begging you to stop the power grab.

Clearly the intention of your mortgage assistance is to entice Nevadans to vote for you in the next election. Let me speak frankly to you: it is not working. As opposed to you, I actually work and live in Nevada and right now you are not popular here. And your continual money and power grab is making you less popular, even though you state it's on behalf of Nevadans.

Additionally, it is absolutely against the structure of the U.S. constitution to allow Timothy Geithner the power to take over struggling businesses. It borders on communism to give one person that kind of power. The founding fathers divided the powers of this country for the simple reason that power should not be centralized in one person or group. Giving Timothy Geithner this type of power violates that simple but firm foundation. If it were a Republican president attempting to do such a thing, you and your Democrat colleagues would be up in arms. Please stand against this push to instill Timothy Geithner with this type of power. And let's get out of the business of trying to save businesses. Let them fail. No one is too big to fail; not even the federal government.

Lastly, I am completely against the G.I.V.E. bill. I do not want our children being taught service by the government. Let me remind you of the children who were indoctrinated into Hitler's youth armies. I'm sure that you believe that G.I.V.E. is not the same thing, but government youth programs such as this cannot lead to a good place. I doubt that you would want George W. Bush leading your grandchildren in a government-mandated G.I.V.E. project. Let's not let President Obama have that luxury.

I believe in charitable giving and service, but it cannot be funded or directed by the government. It is our right to choose how, whom, and when we will serve. We are the most giving country in the world and in order to stay that way, the decision to serve must stay in the hands of the people. No where in scripture does it say that governments should legislate charity. No one feels charitable on April 15, nor do I reap the blessings for being taxed, regardless of the social programs it funds. However, I am grateful and blessed every time I write a tithing/fast offering/humanitarian aid check. Please don't take that away from us.

Senator, you have got to stop this power grab in Washington, D.C. You KNOW that taking away our rights, regardless of the reason given, is wrong. Please defend our rights, even if it means standing against your own party.

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cynphil6 said...

I sent my letter to Mr. Reid a week or two ago. I think we also need to get Pelosi out of there.