Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What A Mess!

What does it say for America when we've become more socialist than self-proclaimed socialist nations? And we've managed to become socialist while President Obama and leading Democrats have been scoffing at our concerns while telling us that we're not socialist. Oddly enough, with liberal lies regarding our socialist path still ringing in our ears, the European Union presidency is now stating that Comrade Obama is leading us on a path to hell:,2933,510445,00.html

Anyone with a television set knows about the AIG mess that happened this past week. We were never upset with the AIG executives; in fact, we questioned whether the government was contractually obligated to pay the bonuses that the President and congress approved. We were angry, but our anger was focused on our loser politicians in congress.

Yesterday we found out from Glenn Beck that ACORN is funding buses to drive through neighborhoods where AIG executives live. That's rather irresponsible to be the spark that lights American's burning anger, but ACORN isn't known for its common sense. On the contrary, it appears to be more common for ACORN to use shady tactics and tricks. Even more interesting is that ACORN gets a great deal of taxpayer money, which means that we helped pay for the buses doing the AIG executive tour.

One of the AIG executives wrote a letter of resignation to AIG leader, Mr. Liddy. The letter was printed in the New York Times. It's worth the read and may bring readers to a different opinion:

We couldn't watch the Obama mess on T.V. last night. Just hearing the man talk is like nails on a chalkboard. And we think enough of ourselves and our own integrity that it's difficult to sit and listen to someone we know is intentionally lying to us. Yahoo did a fact check on some of Mr. Obama's statements from last night's mess:

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