Monday, January 12, 2009

The Constitution Hangs by An Unraveling Thread

We love an article written by John Hawkins for It's entitled "A 'You Suck' List" and pretty much sums up our feelings. We recommend reading the comments at the end of the article as well. The article and comments would be funny if they weren't so true.

We would also add Harry Reid to the "You Suck" list. The oil drilling ban expired in October, and Harry and the dems in the Senate figured out a way to effectively reinstate the ban without raising too much of a red flag and without using the word "ban." Yesterday Reid and the other lowlifes in the Senate pushed through a bill that would set aside energy rich lands as federally protected lands, thus effectively reinstating the ban and keeping America in bondage to foreign countries for our oil supplies. Reid refused to allow amendments to the bill from the Republicans. The bill passed and it will now go to the House for approval. Pelosi has passed new rules in the House that neuters the minority party's right to debate legislation and to add amendments. The bill will likely pass in the House as well. The link below will take you to an article on this same topic.

For what it's worth, which doesn't seem to be a whole lot, the constitution doesn't allow for the federal government to have federal lands to the extent that we are seeing now. There are very few instances cited in the constitution that the federal government can seize a state's land -- and Reid's latest land grab isn't one of the cited instances.

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