Friday, January 16, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond

On Monday of this week, we posted the link to an article written by John Hawkins for The article was entitled "A 'You Suck' List." Today Mr. Hawkins has written a follow-up article entitled "A 'You Suck' List Part Two." Part two is just as entertaining and true as Part One--the link is below:

We decided to compile a "You Suck" list of our own. The list grows daily, hence the reason for the infinity title:

Harry Reid - If you've been reading our blog for a while, no further explanation is needed.

Liberals - Same explanation as above

Tailgaters - This is especially annoying in inclement weather

Bill Keller of LivePrayer - very anti Mormon

Global Warming Conspirators - Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by people (politicians) who want to make money off of so-called carbon emissions and who also want to exert more control over the common folks. More than 650 scientists now agree that there is no global warming.

People with working Metabolisms - Please! If we hear one more skinny person say, "I can eat anything I want--I don't have to diet," we're going to drown our sorrows in a box of Double Stuff Oreos with a Haagen Daas chaser and then throw the empty cartons at the skinny person.

People in charge of keeping public restrooms clean - Worst public restroom ever award goes to a Flying J Quicky Mart somewhere in the vast wastelands of Nebraska. Best public restroom awards go to El Jefe Restaurant in Las Vegas and to Wegman's grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

Bosses who throw employees under the bus for mistakes that the boss made - Even though these folks are very annoying, they're also very pathetic for being so insecure. Grow a pair and man up. (This applies to male and female bosses.)

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