Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We All Have A Dream

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., the 60's civil rights activist who fought for civil rights in America. We agree that all people should be treated equally and that all are children of God.

Unfortunately, while every January brings a celebration of Mr. King's birth and a remembrance of his civil rights achievements, most people are unaware that Martin Luther King was a Republican who was fighting the Democrat party's stranglehold on segregation and bigotry. According to the National Black Republicans website, it was "the Democrats who stood in the school house doors, turned skin-burning fire hoses on blacks and let loose vicious dogs."

See the entire National Black Republicans article by clicking on the below link:


In light of today's inauguration and a reflection of Mr. King's own dream, our dream is that we stay safe for the next four years, keep our freedoms intact (maybe even gain back some of our lost freedoms) under the new administration, and elect honest, unselfish politicians in 2010.

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