Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pork, heroes, and hypocrites... oh my!

Yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives voted on President Obama's more than $800 billion stimulus package -- which is only about 10% stimulus and 90% spending. We have to applaud the Republican congressmen and women who voted 'nay' on this package -- not one Republican voted for this plan and eleven Democrats joined the Republicans. We cannot understand why anyone would vote for this. It will not stimulate the economy and while it may create some jobs, the jobs do not have unlimited funding. Since the jobs are not part of the free market they will not be generating any revenue. That means that they are government jobs being paid by taxpayers. And, eventually, that money will run out, leading to increased taxes.

Glenn Beck, speaking about the stimulus package, stated on his program yesterday that "the interest alone will cost us as much as the war in Afghanistan... times two." It doesn't take a college-educated economist to realize that the math doesn't add up. More government-funded jobs take away from jobs in the free market; the free market generates revenue -- government jobs generate more taxes and fines.

The following items are some of the things included in the so-called "stimulus" package:

$20.0 billion to increase the maximum benefit under the Supplemental Nutrition Assurance Program (i.e., Food Stamps)

$18.5 billion for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs

$20.4 billion for programs administered by the Department of health and Human Services

$20.0 billion to renovate elementary and secondary schools

$17.6 billion for Pell grants and other student financial assistance at post-secondary institutions

$29.1 billion for other elementary and secondary educational programs

$30.0 billion for highway construction

$13.1 billion for other transportation programs

$11.2 billion for housing assistance programs administered by HUD

$19.5 billion (minimum, could be higher, as per Title XIII) for education grants to states

$27.1 billion for increase unemployment benefits

$13.3 billion to increase health insurance for unemployed workers

$11.1 billion for “Other Unemployment Compensation”

$20.2 billion for Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments to encourage providers to improve healthcare IT

We were led to believe during the campaign that Obama was going to be bipartisan, but Democrats wouldn't even entertain Republican input on this stimulus package. By the way, the Republicans countered the Democrats package with a package of their own that would have created 6.2 million jobs -- two to four million more jobs than the Democrats are promoting. Now the Democrats are going to target the states of the 'nay' voters to let the voters know that their congressmen and women didn't support creating new jobs. We think that strategy will backfire on the Democrats because so many of the voters who will be targeted are the same people who weren't for the stimulus package. They called their U.S. representatives and their representatives responded to their pleas by voting 'nay'. What will happen to the Democrats who voted 'yea' when their constituents find out that the Democrats wouldn't listen to a plan that would cost half as much and provide more jobs?

This link will take you to a list of who voted 'yea' and who voted 'nay' in the House yesterday.

We encourage you to call or write your representative and let him/her know that you appreciate their stand. It will help them to have the courage to stand against Democrats again in the future.

By the way, Rush Limbaugh is proposing his own stimulus plan. You can read about it here:

Speaking of hypocrites, many people will recall that, during his campaign, Obama called on the American people to be the leaders in energy conservation. “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said. “That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen,” he added.

Once again we're being subjected to the Democrat's motto of "do as I say, not as I do." President Obama has raised the thermostat in the Oval Office. According to David Axelrod, advisor to President Obama, "you could grow orchids in there." So while orchids are growing in the Oval Office, we're being told to lower our thermostats. This link will take you to the article:

It still blows our minds that 54 million people voted for Barack Obama. It was obvious to us during the campaign that he could never achieve what he promised -- the math never added up on his plans. He's either very deceitful or clueless. To give him the benefit of the doubt, we'll call him clueless. He never did define the change on which he based his campaign, yet people were captivated by the promise. He never served a full term in the U.S. Senate and most of that one term was spent campaigning for president. He votes 'present' more than actually voting for or against anything. We just want to say 'thanks a lot' to those 54 million people (that was a sarcastic thanks, in case they didn't get it) -- we're now seeing the change he pledged. We just hope that we can survive it -- it doesn't look good.

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