Thursday, January 22, 2009

God Bless America... Please

How many more freedoms will we lose before we finally say "enough is enough?" The liberals have arrived in Washington and they are there for at least four years. What will America look like when they are done? Will we still be able to pursue happiness and choose for ourselves, or will global warming and tolerance legislation take away our right to choose? John Stossel wrote the following article detailing what liberals hope to take away from us:

We hope for the sake of the American people that President Obama keeps this country safe for the next four years. Considering that he wants to close Gitmo and abolish water boarding, we're not optimistic about Obama's commitment to our safety. It seems like the feelings of the terrorists are more important than the safety of Americans. People can say what they want about Bush (and they do), but he kept us safe after 9/11. Here's another good article:

This past election showed us that people are short-sighted. When Bush declared war on terrorists, most of the country was behind him. But because the war took longer than several people thought it should (we're not sure how they figured how long it was supposed to take in the first place), and mistakes were made, those same people withdrew their support of Bush. It appears that we live in a world where people not only expect and get instant messaging and instant potatoes, they now want instant war.

We just hope that Obama's presidency doesn't bring the battle to our soil, but we're not real optimistic about it.

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